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The Estense Ducal Palace

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QR code Municipality of Ferrara experimentally and with the collaboration of the Municipality of Bologna, made available alongside the traditional guided tour, a new method based on the use of "QR Code".

Through this mechanism, you can view and listen to information about the various rooms that make up the path to visit the Ducal Palace Estense, directly from your mobile device equipped with a camera (mobile phone, smartphone, PDA).

The guided tour via QR Code is available in both Italian and English.

What is the QR Code and how it works?

"QR" in English stands for "Quick Response".
It comes in the form of two-dimensional code points can store information in text form.

The information entered into the "QR Code" can be read through a mobile phone, a PDA, a smartphone, equipped with a camera, internet connection and a dedicated QR Code Reader (for QR Code reader software) can also be downloaded for free.

Downloaded the QR Code reader chosen, must be "launched".

Further improvements are also framing the box with the camera and the information contained herein (whether textual, photographic, video or audio) will be read automatically via the Internet.

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